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ABOUT ME: An author and teacher from Plainfield, IN. I like black coffee, large stacks of comic books, and way too much junk food, as well as spending hours at a keyboard playing with my imagination. You can email at and follow me on twitter @brenton8090

ABOUT THE BOOK: Twelve-year-old misfit Gwendolyn Gray has an overactive imagination, which is trouble in The City, where creativity is simply not allowed. Trouble turns to catastrophe when her ideas won’t stay confined to the inside of her head: forests spring up in the middle of the road, furry orange creatures run amok in her bedroom, and she certainly didn't mean to make that little girl grow a pair of rabbit ears.

Now the Faceless Gentlemen, The City's wayward-thought police, want to erase Gwendolyn and her fantasies before they become infectious. Gwendolyn escapes her joyless world and travels inside her favorite books, but accidentally unleashes the Faceless Gentlemen on all the realms of literature instead.

With the help of two mysterious children and a dashing airship captain, Gwendolyn must find an ancient weapon that will harness the power of her mind. If she can’t learn to control her impulsive imagination and save the home that never wanted her, then every world will become as grey and bleak as her own.


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Happy Birthday!

Five years ago today, I woke up on a bus, unable to sleep. I was chaperoning a field trip of fifth graders to Washington DC, and the kid behind me wouldn't stop kicking my seat in his sleep, robbing me of mine. So I whipped out my new iPad, fired up the pages app, with the decision that I should right something for my then-unborn child.
I sat and thought about what kind of story I would like to read to my future kid. I thought about what kind of role model I would want my daughter to have. (Sorry, Teddy, thought you were a girl at the time.) And I decided that I wanted a little girl with a big imagination who would challenge everything. And she needed something to struggle against. A city with no imagination, a city that was dull and grey, a city stuck in its ways where new ideas were frowned upon.

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After the zoo, we booked it over to Westminster Abbey for our tour.

The cathedral is amazing. I'll give some pics, but they aren't mine, since no photography is allowed.

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Book Title: EERIE Genre: NA Paranormal Romance Length: 430 pages Cover: Coming soon Link to Amazon/Goodreads: Also coming soon :-) Release Date: 15 Dec 2015 Available ARC formats: Paperback, PDF, and .mobi Synopsis: Being a ParaScience freshman is a nightmare come true
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