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The UnOriginal Score!

The chapter-by-chapter soundtrack, with each track cued to a specific quote in the book. Play each song on repeat until the next one comes up. Enjoy!

Youtube Playlist


1. Things That Begin
“Once upon a time, in The City of No Stories, Gwendolyn Gray ran away…”
            – “Granny Wendy”
2. The Lambent
“She did not see the two men in bowler hats…”
            – “Concerning Aunt Josephine”
3. Curioser and Curioser
“There is something wrong with the Lambents…”
             “The Secret of the Scrolls”
4. Snip Snip
“Cecilia stood at the head of her gang…”
            – “An Unpleasant Incident Involving a Train”
5. The Edge
“After what felt like three eternities…”
            – “Ferris Wheel”
6. Birds And Bowlers
“The men both wore black bowler hats, and they had no faces…”
            – “Colony Collapse”
7. The Magnificent Bathysphere
“At the end of the tunnel there was now a pinpoint of light…”
             – “Wow”
8. The Neyora
“Something slammed into the front window again…”
            – “Friends Not Food”
9. A Rather Smashing Evening
“Let’s tuck in, I’m positively famished…”
            – “Banning Back Home”

10. Not That Sort Of Skipping
“It was dark…”
            – “Erudite Plan”
“Come out, come out, little Gwendolyn…”
            – “Chase Through Fringe”
11. The Mainspring Marketplace
 “Gwendolyn pushed her aching body up and looked around…”
            – “Flight to Neverland”
12. Castaway
“Oh, here, see anything you like?”
            – “The Marvelous Marriage”
13. Clockwork Phantasmagoria
“Outside, the orange sky was darkening to red…”
            – “In Loco Parentis”
14. The Shadows Fall
“They fled down the cobblestone street…”
            – “All Is Hell That Ends Well”
“It’s not working! I don’t have enough energy here…”
            – “Fantasy Overture”
15. The Lucrative Endeavour
“‘W-what?’ Gwendolyn said…”
            – “Flying Vessel”
16. Odd Vacation Plans
“A horn sounded from the ship’s intercom…”
            – “Lost Boy Chase”
17. Precarious Reconnaissance
“As if on cue, a shadow fell across the Longboat …”
            – “Jack Sparrow’s Theme”
18. The Spark
“Kolonius led them up a set of winding stairs toward the roof of the cave …”
            – “Monkey Island – Lechuck Theme”
“The pirate glared down at Sparrow…”
            – “He’s A Pirate”
19. Sunset On The Spiced Seas
“’Kolonius!’ Gwendolyn shouted as they landed…”
            – “The Hologram/Binary Sunset”

20. The Crystal Coves Of Kytain
“They prepared to go ashore…”
            – “Outlands”
21. Tylerium Drekk And The Pistola Luminant
“They spun around. Twenty bandits surrounded them…”
            – “Guilty of Being Innocent of Being Jack Sparrow - Remix”
22. No Room to Run
            – “Edward the Confessor”
“You two. My cabin. Now”
            – “The Baudelaire Orphans”
23. Rising Tides
“A red dawn…”
            – “The Ultimate War”
24. Swift Retribution
“The coast was still clear…”
            – “Scherzo for Motorcycle and Orchestra”
25. Falling Action
            – “Fall”
“Fly up! Get above the storm!”
            – “All the Kings Horses”
26. A Most Unpleasant Homecoming
“Tick… tick… tick…”
            – “Doctor Who – Doomsday”
27. Must Always End
“The students cried out in surprise…”
            – “The Never-Feast”
“She leaned back against the tree and looked up at the sky…”
            – “Tris”

“So Ends The Marvelous Adventures of Gwendolyn Gray…”
            – “There’s a Place For Us”


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