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ENGLAND: Day 1-London

The second leg of my trip kicked off with a trip to jolly-old England! Click any of the pictures to enlarge.
All packed!

Sitting at the DC airport, waiting for take-off over the ocean!

Sunrise. That's actually Ireland.

NOW we're in England!

Hilarious sign.

Our first day, after checking into our hotel, we headed over to Freemason's Hall, the central headquarters of the Grand Lodge of England. Not much to do with literature, but I'm a Mason, so I couldn't resist!

Read the plaque!


The building is huge, and very old! The week before we were there, they did some filming here for the next James Bond movie.
 After the Grand Lodge, we headed to Kensington Gardens/Hyde Park, across from our hotel, to visit the famous Peter Pan statue!

These are the water gardens in Kensington Gardens

It was a long and exhausting first day, but we were ready for more!


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