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Grant Trip Part 1: IU Writers Conference!

Here is part one of my three-part writing adventure this summer! Thanks to my Eli Lily Teacher Creativity Fellowship grant, I will be taking three trips: one to the IU Writer's Conference to learn to write better, one to England to be inspired by the history of literature, and one to NYC to the Writer's Digest Conference 2015 to learn the business end of writing and pitch my book to real agents, in person!

At the beginning of June, I took a trip down to Bloomington for the IU Writer's conference! Here's the story:

Driving down!

Standing outside the old dorm. Ah, memories.

The IMU, where the conference was held

The classic Sample Gates
 So I arrived at IU on Saturday and settled in at the IMU, registered and had my first orientation class. Then, after a walk around town and a visit to some bookstores... 
...I went to the Irish Lion for our welcome dinner and some read-alouds from our professors and distinguished guests!

Then onto the first real day of classes...
Morning: Creativity Class
Lunch: Panel Discussions
Class 1-Creating Characters through Embarrassment and Shame
Class 2-Poetry
Class 3-Mystery Writing and Caveman Writing Techniques
Class 4-Psychoanalysis of Writing and General Mind-Blowingness
(Not actual class titles)

Creativity Class

Walking around Dunn Meadow for inspiration

 A trip to the graveyard for poetry inspiration...

There were also several nights of readings at the Bloomington Playwrights Project! I even got to read some of my own work, which was well received.

Oliver the Danville Bear, posing for the camera
Five days went far too fast, and I was too busy writing to take many pictures! Next, off to London...


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